Our Staff


Kate Braunthal – Qualified Educator. 4 year old Wadjil group.

“Hello my name is Kate and this is my ninth year teaching at Ringwood Uniting Church Preschool. Teaching at Ringwood Uniting is both rewarding and a privilege. Its wonderful to have our families share many of their cultural experiences with us, allowing us as Educators to also continue our learning.

I love the warm and friendly teaching environment at Ringwood Uniting. Educators work closely with each other to provide a rich learning environment for our children and we embrace the cultural diversity of our centre wholeheartedly. I particularly enjoy having returning families back to our centre, with siblings and also seeing families in the local community.

I have a keen interest in the Mental Health and Wellbeing of children in the Early Childhood years and place great importance on supporting children and families to develop skills in self regulation and resilience.

I am married with three children of my own and enjoy watching them play sport on the weekends. I also enjoy playing tennis, reading, going on walks and watching the AFL! “

Dianne Catalano – Qualified Educator. 4 year old Barrawarn group.

“Hello, my name is Dianne or Di. This will be my fourth year at Ringwood Uniting Church Preschool and I am so excited to be returning for another amazing year with our children and families.

This is a exceptional centre, with incredibly dedicated staff and a very friendly and diverse family base. It has been a privilege to work here and learn so much about our families. We thank you for trusting us in this journey with your children. We hope you will enjoy this special time in your children’s lives with us and welcome your involvement.

I am vey proud of our centre’s focus on building respectful relationships with each other and to support community efforts on this. We participated in the ‘Million Stars to end Violence’ campaign in 2016 and had the most amazing support from our families and friends. It provided some very rich learning opportunities for all of us, especially our children. We will continue our work in building capable, confident and respectful children with our families throughout the year within our programs. We also hope to again be a part of a future possible community  campaigns in this area. 

I love the creativity and enthusiasm of young learners and it is so rewarding to watch each child progress from their first day to the final day of Preschool. 

Aside from teaching, I am a mum to two teenage boys. We spend a lot of time at soccer games together and I spend a lot of time washing soccer guernseys and socks too on the weekends!

We also enjoy getting away to Marysville as often as we can.

We have a beautiful dog called Jagger and enjoy getting out and about with him when not at games.”


Janet Franklin – Trained Educator. 4 Year old Wadjil.

“I have three adult children and have been teaching at Ringwood Uniting Church Preschool for over 21 years. During this time I have had the pleasure of getting to know many children and their families and re-connecting with them when they come back to the kinder with their younger children.  I love the cultural diversity of our preschool and helping each individual child to grow and learn. Our preschool provides a warm and welcoming environment for children and their families. I enjoy working as part of a committed team to help provide the best start to our children’s educational experience. I live near-by and enjoy seeing our current and past children and their families in the local community. In my spare time I enjoy reading, lots of craft activities and travelling.”

Anne Williams – Trained Educator. 4 year old Barrawarn group.

“I have been an assistant at the Ringwood Uniting Church Preschool since 2013, working with the three and four year old groups. Before that, my own four children attended the four year old program here, so I have a great fondness for the centre. I enjoy working in such a friendly and warm environment with a team who are always respectful of each other and the children in their care. Our preschool caters for a large number of children from many and varied cultures, which creates rich educational opportunities for us all. Our play-based learning program provides each child with experiences to enable them to learn and grow as an individual.”










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