What our Parents Say…

“Ringwood Uniting Preschool has given our daughter a safe, fun, creative and inclusive environment to grow and learn in. The teachers commitment and enthusiasm to and towards the children is second to none. Thrilled we have had the chance to be part of this community for the past 4 years.” Fran & Daniel

“We are very thankful that our two daughters have had such wonderful kinder years at Ringwood Uniting Preschool. The Educator’s go above and beyond in their care towards the children and take such pride in providing such a rich learning environment.” Clare & Mark

“Ringwood Uniting Preschool has been very understanding of my child’s difficulties”. Tiffany

“Ringwood Uniting Preschool is a clean, safe and stimulating environment where the teachers really care and assist my child in learning activities.” Gawick

“Ringwood Uniting Preschool is so much more than windows, walls and doors. It’s a warm embrace where smiling faces await our family.” Pau Tonsing & Cian

“I really feel comfortable, being accepted by the kinder and glad to hear the feedback about my child’s development and my son loves to attend.” Wesley

“Ringwood Uniting Preschool is a great school for children to attend.” Van Dawt

“Ringwood Uniting Preschool is very friendly and have lots of fun for kids and family. My daughter enjoys kinder so much she does not want to leave.” Anil & Sunita

   may 22 2013 009  What our children say…

“I like going to Ringwood Uniting Preschool to play with my friends.” Acacia

“I love playing outside with a lot of friends. I like doing puzzles ad listening to stories.” Abraham

“I like playing with my friends and I learn lots of new things. ” Diana

“I like doing painting and making wrapping paper for my family. I like drawing and colouring in love hearts and now I enjoy relaxation time.” Georgie

“I love playing with cars, trains and my friends. ” Samuel

“I love playing with my friends in the playground.” Ciin

“I love painting, craft and playing outside.” Zasha

“kinder is great fun because I like making things and playing.” Ellie

“I love playing with play dough, painting, singing songs and playing with my friends.”

“I love to hear stories from the teachers, playing outside, cooking pasta etc.” Ashish

“I love playing with blocks and having fun with my friends.” Vanshika”


Ringwood Uniting Church Preschool a Kindergarten in Maroondah