Numeracy and Literacy

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I will learn to read but first I need to…

  • Rhyme, I need to recognise the sounds that letters make before I can read.
  • Look at books, I need to be interested in words and books to read.
  • Track, I need to follow objects with my eyes to read.
  • Talk, I need an extensive vocabulary to understand what I read.
  • Do puzzles, I need to differentiate size, shapes, lines and directions to read.
  • Build, I need to use my fingers and hands independently to hold books and turn pages.and I need someone to read to me every day!


april 17 2013 010I will learn to write but first I need to…

  • Imagine, making up stories when I paint and create will help me to write.
  • Build, I need to use my fingers independently to write.
  • Scribble and draw, making marks and shapes to convey my message will help me to write.
  • Manipulate, using paint brushes, crayons, pencils and pens will help me to write.
  • Climb, I need strong arm and body muscles to sit up and write.
  • Play with letters and words, I need to be interested in letters and words to write…..and I need someone to show me how important writing is every day!



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I will learn maths but first I need to…may 22 2013 014

  • Count, understanding numbers will help me in all areas of maths.
  • Sort and match, understanding same and different will help me to classify.
  • Explore, exploring will help me understand spatial terms like: front, behind, above, below, left and right.
  • Measure, measuring will help me understand the concepts of height, length, weight, time and money.
  • Recognise shapes, recognising 2D and 3D shapes will help me in all areas with geometry…..and I need someone to explore these concepts with me every day!

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