Sensory Play Experiences

We have been very involved in lots of sensory play at the moment.

With our favourite being the snow that has been our own Frozen play scene complete with castle and princesses.

Frozen snow play

Sensory play is very beneficial for children’s development.

They are learning mathematical and scientific concepts through tipping, pouring and measuring and the change in form as liquid is added to solid, oil to flour and shaving cream to bicarb soda.

Squish lumpy play

The children are learning about lots of other concepts such as cold, soft, hard, squishy, lumpy, smooth as they play with many sensory substances.

The social interactions that take place at these sensory experiences has been rich in descriptive and expressive language and creativity and imagination.

Sensory play

Some children also find sensory activities very calming, and when children are frustrated or sometimes their engine is running a little too fast some time spent at our sensory activities can be just what they need.

By Claire, Educator Purple Group

Ringwood Uniting Church Preschool a Kindergarten in Maroondah